Chef Arnone is one of those rare individuals capable of seeing both large and small picture simultaneously. He remains true to the "feel" of an event, while maintaining a firm hold on each detail. Working with Ken is to experience peerless diligence, imagination, and intuition. Chef Arnone's passion, professionalism and humor are infectious and true.

- Kathleen Petretta, Santo Stefano Winemaking Club

It has been my pleasure to work with Master Chef Arnone over the past 5 years. His culinary experience, style and diligence add not only to the culinary aspects of our restaurants but touch the entire organization. Rarely can someone impact a company and their resources as he has. I highly recommend working with him and of course enjoying his culinary talent.

- Johnny V, Founder, Mo's Restaurants


Chef Arnone is an integral part of driving our brand at Granite City Food Brewery. Chef Arnone provides trend setting menu selections, while focusing on solutions around execution, product cost, and healthier Menu choices. He provides a large range of expertise in Kitchen Layout Design, Menu Research Design, Training Development of recipes cooking techniques and Sanitation Standards.

Granite City Food & Brewery has increased food sales through trend setting new items and an increased level of quality around our food specials. We have also reduced food cost and back of the house labor. We consider Chef Arnone to be a true partner of our business.

- Darius Gilanfar, Chief Operating Officer, Granite City Food & Brewery

Chef Arnone has been an integral part of our team for more than 6 years. Ken's focus on creating unique recipes and passionate approach to our customers is and has been a tremendous asset to Colavita. Our customers are always amazed with his knowledge, dedication and approach to their operations.

- John Profaci Jr., Colavita USA

Chef Arnone, CMC, is hard working, dedicated to quality food and service and committed to making a real difference.He is extremely involved in the industry as well as in organizations such as the ACF and has a keen interest in organic, local and sustainable food service. He exhibits a great sense of personal pride and delivers quality standards expected in this industry. He has a positive attitude and strives for personal growth and contributes his part to raise standards and increase culinary professionalism.

- The Culinary Institute of America, Dr. Victor A.L. Gielisse, CMC, CHE. Associate Vice President, Business Development

Chef Arnone is one of those edge-of-your seat speakers, because you don't want to miss a thing he says. His reputation speaks for itself, he is unfailingly prepared for each specific occasion, and his quiet magnetism fills the room.

- Scott Allmendinger, Vice President & Group Publisher, Ideal Media LLC
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Certified Master Chef Arnone brings with him a vast knowledge of culinary technique and cuisine. Having Chef Arnone conduct training on our campus is a highly effective way to share that knowledge with each and every member of our culinary team.

- Erin McGinnis, Director, Dining and Culinary Services, Pacific Lutheran University

There is no better way to host a dinner party at your house than with Chef Arnone and his talented staff. From the second I first spoke with him on the phone I began to relax. He really worked with us to create a special menu filled with our favorite foods presented in new ways and with interesting twists. It was a pleasure to witness the professionalism and precision with which his team works. When the first course was served, I felt like I was having dinner at one of the premier restaurants in NYC. The presentation was exquisite and the flavors and tastes were out of this world. Our guests enjoyed the opportunity to ask him questions about the meal and his techniques. Not to mention, my kitchen looked better when they left than before they got there! It was truly an incredible experience which I would highly recommend.

- Kim Abate